1). New England Patriots – Undefeated when most Patriots fans were hoping for 2-2 through the first 4 games without Brady.
2). Denver Broncos – world champs winning against good teams, and with better QB play then they had last year.
3). Minnesota Vikings- Sam Bradford playing great with world class defense and a great head coach in Mike Zimmer.
4). Philadelphia Eagles – Carson Wentz and co are playing really good ball and proved they can hang beat anybody.
5). Baltimore Ravens – Does Joe Flacco have another playoff run in him?
6). Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers are still real good, but got outplayed and outcoached by Philly.
7). Seattle Seahawks – The offense finally got it together last week against the 49ers, if it keeps clicking they will be dangerous.
8). Atlanta Falcons – Won a shootout in New Orleans to take the division lead, two straight road wins are hard too ignore.
9). New York Giants – should be 3-0 but Eli threw picks at inopportune times in loss to Washington.
10). Dallas Cowboys – Prescott and Elliot could make this team a playoff team.
11). Oakland Raiders – Good young roster poised to make the playoffs.
12). Green BayPackers – Still not playing real well, but have grinded out two tough victories.
13). Houston Texans – Got manhandled by Belichick, and QB play looked like last year.
14). Kansas City Chiefs – At home, the Chiefs are real hard to beat.
15). Cincinnati Bengals – Have they recovered from last years devastating playoff loss?
16). Carolina Panthers – Super Bowl hangover?
17). Los Angeles Rams- Rams – The Rams have some good players and the offense finally showed up in Tampa.
18). Arizona Cardinals – After laying an egg in Buffalo, no one knows who the real cardinals are.
19) Detroit Lions – The talent is there, but they can’t afford to get themselves into deep holes.
20). New York Jets – If Fitzpatrick doesn’t regain his 2015 form, the Jets will not be good.
21). Washington Redskins – Able to beat the Giants, but this doesn’t look like the same team as last year.
22). Buffalo Bills – They played some inspired ball on Sunday. Let’s see if it continues.
23). Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Another young, talented team that will be inconsistent this year.
24). Indianapolis Colts – Not sure the Colts have improved over last year.
25). San Diego Chargers – Good team, but inconsistent and they haven’t found ways to finish opponents off.
26). Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins won in spite of themselves.
27). New Orleans Saints – The Saints have played well but have lost 3 close games and the defense has been a major issue in 2 of the 3 losses.
28). Tennessee Titans – Not sure they’ve grown a lot over last year.
29). San Francisco 49ers – Big step backwards. Need to get it together against Dallas.
30). Jacksonville Jaguars – Biggest disappointment of 2016 so far.
31). Cleveland Browns – Couldn’t get out of their own way and pick up a win.
32). Chicago Bears – the bears have no hope this year.