1. Denver (4-0) – The defending champs get the top spot as they keep finding ways to win. The defense doesn’t look much different from last year.

2. Minnesota (4-0)- Defensively dominant and offensively they don’ hurt themselves.

3. Philadelphia (3-0) – An early bye week gets them fresh for now, but the Eagles look like they’re going to have a chance to prove that not only they can win the NFC East, but that they’re for real.

4. New England (3-1) – Going 3-1 without Brady is impressive, but they’ve done it without a number of other players including essentially Rob Gronkowski.

5. Pittsburgh (3-1) – “Redemption Sunday” was a reality as the Steelers got back on track in a big way over Kansas City.

6. Atlanta (3-1) – Another surprise, but Atlanta has played good football these last 3 weeks.

7. Oakland (3-1) – The Raiders look as advertised as they got a great win over the previously undefeated Ravens, in Baltimore.

8. Seattle (3-1) – The Seahawks keep rolling as Russell Wilson playsDespti through multiple injuries and Christine Michael has resurrected the Seattle ground game.

9. Baltimore (3-1) – The Ravens were close, but couldn’t stay undefeated.

10. Dallas (3-1) – Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot got the job done without Dez Bryant and remain one of the top teams in the NFC.

11. Houston (3-1) – The Texans lost JJ Watt this week, but remain the favorite to win the AFC South.

12. Los Angeles (3-1) – No one was sure about the Rams, but watching them win in Arizona has turned some heads.

13. Green Bay (2-1) – Had a much needed bye, but now faces a few decent teams over the next few weeks.

14. Cincinnati (2-2) – Got back on track against Miami. Next up, a trip to Dallas.

15. Kansas City (2-2) – Despite getting shelled in Pittsburgh, the Chiefs are a playoff contender.

16. Buffalo (2-2) – Big win in New England, but the Bills need to string a few wins together.

17. New York Giants (2-2) – Did not play well offensively in Minnesota, which may have had more to do with the Vikings than the Giants.

18. Washington (2-2) – The Skins are hanging in there, in what appears to be a much more competitive division than anyone thought.

19. Arizona (1-3) – Everything hit the fan when Palmer went down. The Cardinals need to regroup fast.

20. Carolina (1-3) – The magic isn’t there at this point. Cam has to get through concussion protocol. All is not well in the Carolina area.

21. Jacksonville (1-3) – After getting a huge win over the Colts, the Jaguars saved their season, for now.

22. Jets (1-3) – Better than their record, but they need to get wins.

23. Saints (1-3) – They’ve been in close games each week and finally won a game
24. Chargers (1-3) – Probably should be 3-1, but they keep finding ways to lose.

25. Bears (1-3) – Forced to put them up this high. Still might be the worst team
26. Lions (1-3) – They look better than advertised, but lost to the Bears.

27. Tampa (1-3) – not sure what the issue is, but they better figure it out soon.
28. Indy (1-3) – They might be worse than last year.
29 Miami (1-3) – This team isn’t very good.
30. SF (1-3) – Had chances to win, but now with Bowman and more injuries, they’ll be playing for a high pick.
31. Tenn (1-3) – They need a defense.
32. Browns (0-4) – until they win a game, they’ll be number 32.