Kansas City at Carolina

The Panthers seem like they might be getting back on track, but I think the questions on offense are still there. In Kansas City, as always the Chiefs are surprising people. The are very good on defense,m and don’t make mistakes on offense.

Pick: Chiefs 24  Panthers 17


Denver at New Orleans

A very interesting matchup,similar to the Saints vs. Seattle a couple of weeks ago. The Saints won that one, and they will pull this one out also.

Pick: Saints 31  Broncos 16


L.A.Rams at N.Y. Jets

the Jets have been a disappointment, the Rams have been about what we expected. The Rams to win this game our going to have to be able to throw the ball. I don’t think they will.

Pick: Jets 23  Rams 14


Green Bay at Tennessee

Packers are struggling, and the Titans are young. This is a tough game to pick.

Pick: Titans 27  Packers 26


Atlanta at Philadelphia

Eagles are up and down, the Falcons have the best offense in the NFL right now. Close game, but I will go with Ryan over Wentz.

Pick: Falcons 34  Eagles 24


Minnesota at Washington

The Vikings are in trouble, injuries are crippling this team. The Redskins have a ton of weapons, with no injuries to the Vikings they are the better team. I have to go with the Skins here.

Pick: Redskins 23  Vikings 16


Houston at Jacksonville

The Texans are just the better team, I keep waiting for the Jags offense to go off, but it never does.

Pick: Texans 24  Jaguars 17


Chicago at Tampa Bay

bears are much better with Cutler at QB, but the Bucs have too many weapons for them.

Pick: Bucs 27  Bears 21


Miami at San Diego

The Chargers are a complete offense, the Dolphins are dangerous with Ajayi, but Tannehill is what I question.

Chargers 37  Dolphins 20


San Francisco at Arizona

The Cardinals are struggling, but the Niners are just a bad football team.

Pick: Cardinals 41  49ers 10


Dallas at Pittsburgh

The Cowboys are a complete offensive team, with an improving defense. The Steelers are struggling, but still, have a ton of talent.

Pick: Cowboys 27  Steelers 23


Seattle at New England

Great matchup, I think the Seahawks will have trouble defending Patriots tight ends.

Pick: Patriots 34  Seahawks 20


Cincinnati at N.Y. Giants

The difference in this game will be the Bengals ability to run the ball.

Pick: Bengals 38  Giants 28