Washington at Philadelphia

The Eagles have seen a seeming turnaround season go wrong over the last month. They have been depleted by injuries which have destroyed their opportunity to make a playoff run. The Redskins, on the other hand, have seen a bad start turn into something that could be special. The Skins schedule looks like it could be possible for them to win out.

Redskins 27  Eagles 17


Houston at Indianapolis

The Texans offensively are a mess, and defensively they are not quite as good as they once were. The Colts are a mess as a team, but whenever you got Andrew Luck at the helm you can not be taken lightly.

Colts 31  Texans 16


Cincinnati at Cleveland

Can the Browns go 0-16? Of course, they can the Browns are a complete mess. The Bengals are coming off a dominating win over the Eagles at home. Do not be surprised if the Browns win this game, but I am leaning to the Bengals in a close one.

Bengals 20  Browns 17


Denver at Tennessee

The Titans are the best team in the AFC South, but on occasion, they do not play well. They need this game badly as do the Broncos.

Titans 24  Broncos 21


Arizona at Miami

Are the Cardinals this bad? Are the Dolphins this good? The answer to both questions is no.

Cardinals 31  Dolphins 23


Chicago at Detroit

I know “On any given Sunday” this will be over quickly. The Bears just are not very good and the Lions are hot.

Lions 34  Bears 10


Pittsburgh at Buffalo

This is a huge game for the Steelers, and the big question for the Bills will be can they slow down the Steelers offense? I doubt they can, but I believe this will be a close game.

Steelers 30  Bills 24


San Diego at Carolina

The Panthers have been one of the biggest disappointments in the league this year. The Chargers are maybe the most inconsistent team in the league.

Chargers 26  Panthers 24


Minnesota at Jacksonville

This is a must win for the banged up Vikings. They should have enough defense to win this one.

Vikings 20  Jaguars 13


New York Jets at San Francisco

Could there be a worse matchup in the NFL? NO! Okay maybe if one of these teams played the Browns.

Jets 13  49ers 10


Atlanta at Los Angeles Rams

The Falcons have way too much offense for the Rams.

Falcons 28  Rams 13


New Orleans at Tampa Bay

The Bucs are hot and need this game to make a serious playoff challenge. The Saints should be better than 5-7.

Buccaneers 34  Saints 24


Seattle at Green Bay

Look for Russell Wilson to have a big day, The Packers problem has been on both sides of the ball they are inconsistent, to say the least.

Seahawks 23  Packers 20


Dallas at New York Giants

The Cowboys may be the best team in the NFL. The Giants can not run the ball, their offensive line is not very good, and I have a hard time believing they can even slow down the Cowboys defense.

Cowboys 31  Giants 20


Baltimore at New England

What team has had more success playing in New England than the Ravens? The Ravens need this game badly, but I am leaning slightly toward the Patriots.

Patriots 24  Ravens 23