Opening week saw the Grueling Truth go 11-4 on week one picks. There were some great football games, hopefully week 2 will be as good as week 1!

Tampa Bay@Arizona

Jameis Winston picks on Brandon Williams all game long. Mike Evans can get behind Peterson for a few of Winston’s deep tosses, too. On the rare occasion that a receiver can’t separate downfield, Charles Sims can eat up yards underneath. I really like his prospects as the third-down, move-the-chains back in this offense. The Bucs can stretch the field and I think the Cardinals are very vulnerable on pass defense.

Buccaneers 34  Cardinals 27


New Orleans@New York Giants

The Giants defense looked much improved in week 1, the Saints defense gave up over 30 points in a game. Last year was a shootout with two terrible defenses. The difference this year is the Giants have improved on both sides of the ball and Brees is not as good on the road as he is at home.

Giants 38  Saints 20


Kansas City@Houston

The Texans DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller and Braxton Miller can get separation and make life easy for Brock Osweiler. The Texans are very good on defense also. The Chiefs Alex Smith threw the ball all over the place in leading a great come from behind victory against the Chargers last week. They won’t be as lucky this week.

Texans 27  Chiefs 17 



You’ll see a top-five pick in Ezekiel Elliott carve his way through this defense. You’ll see Tyron Smith and Zack Martin decleat a few linebackers. The Redskins are terrible against the run and the Cowboys have a top 5 offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott, this will not end well for the redskins.

Cowboys 24  Redskins 17 



Colts defense is weak, offense looks good, but questions still abound about the Colts offensive line. The Broncos will feast up front on the Colts offensive line.

Broncos 28  Colts 13



This is a RIVALRY game! Two evenly matched teams that hate each other. Can the Steelers slow down A.J.Green? Chances are no, can the Bengals contain Deangelo Williams? Probably not. So I think a high scoring game is in the cards, sit back and enjoy.

Bengals 34  Steelers 31



Things will not get any easier for the Rams this week, as the Seahawks outclass the Rams in talent. That did not stop the Rams from winning both of their matchups last season, however. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had his ankle crushed by Ndamukong Suh last week, but if his mobility is intact, it is hard to see a way the Rams win.

Seahawks 20  Rams 10


San Francisco@Carolina

Regardless of the pessimism that the 49ers can keep up that hot start against a well-oiled machine like the Panthers, Coach Chip Kelly has certainly engendered more excitement than the team has seen since Jim Harbaugh’s penultimate season with the team.

Panthers 27  49ers 14



Both teams are explosive offensively, on defense the Falcons look to be improved, but the Raiders are on paper the better defense. I am picking the Raiders because I think they are just the tougher more physical team.

Raiders 31  Falcons 23


Green Bay@Minnesota

The Vikings will host the Packers in the regular-season debut of U.S. Bank Stadium. Giving their division rival a loss and ruining the opening of its stadium sounds like something that would appeal to Aaron Rodgers and his Packers teammates.

Packers 23  Vikings 17


Miami@New England

Looking at another week without Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski or Rob Ninkovich, the Patriots should feel awfully confident since their backups led the team to victory over Arizona last week. Miami is not nearly as talented as Arizona, and short of the Patriots looking beyond the matchup and getting surprised. I think an improved Dolphins defense will keep this game closer than most think.

Patriots 20  Dolphins 10


Jacksonville@San Diego

The Chargers have had a lot of success against the Jaguars in recent years, but with Jacksonville’s offense carrying over its progress from last season, and San Diego looking at spending the entire season without Keenan Allen, the team’s top wide receiver, it could finally be time to turn the tables. This is a huge game for both of these teams.

Jaguars 31  Chargers 24



A good way to respond when people wonder loudly if your career will fall apart after the surprising retirement of receiver Calvin Johnson is to complete 31 of 38 passes for 340 yards and three touchdowns, as Matthew Stafford did last week for the Lions. The Titans are improved, but not enough offense to win this game.

Lions 34  Titans 17



With Josh McCown set to start this week, the Browns will have had at least two starting quarterbacks in a season for the record-setting 15th consecutive year, which is a record no team has ever wanted. The Ravens have a coach and a quarterback, so I will pick them.

Ravens 24  Browns 9