These rankings only apply to this season, so don’t freak out with the where are Aaron Rodgers comments.

1). Tom Brady- This, of course, should come as no surprise. Even though he has only played three games, those three games have demonstrated that being close to 40 years old has had no effect on him. He has completed 75% of his passes and has thrown 8 touchdown passes and no interceptions.

2). Drew Brees- Brees is always in the top ten it seems. He is completing 68.5% of his passes and has thrown 17 TD passes to only 5 interceptions. He has a ton of weapons to throw to and a solid run game, the question is can the Saints as a team play better on the road.

3). Matthew Stafford- Has become the unquestioned leader of the Lions offense, and has played better without Calvin Johnson. So far this year his decision making has been much better and he is not forcing as many throws. The question is can he continue to play at this pace and lead the Lions to the playoffs?

4). Matt Ryan- Maybe on pace for his best season ever. The combination of Ryan and Julio Jones has been deadly this year and at the rate, they are going , they are a definite playoff contender.

5). Derek Carr- Has matured quickly this year to become the leader of the Raiders offense. Carr to Cooper has been so good that if the defense can come around this could be a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

6). Phillip Rivers- As always Rivers is largely overlooked. He should not be, especially now, he has fewer weapons than anybody on this list. A win in Denver this week and the Chargers will be in business.

7). Dak Prescott- Dak has been a huge surprise to most everybody in the NFL. Sure he has the best offensive line in football and he has Ezekial Elliot running the ball. Still, to play the way Prescott has played as a rookie is impressive. The question is can Prescott put the Cowboys on his back and win a game if need be?

8). Andy Dalton- Maybe his best season, outside of A.J. Green he doesn’t have a lot of weapons. His offensive line has been terrible, the Bengals defense has gone from one of the best in the NFL to the middle of the pack.

9). Andrew Luck- The Colts offensive line has been bad this year. Luck has stood in the pocket, taken the hits and have kept the Colts a playoff contender.

10). Russell Wilson- Wilson is clearly not the same player as in past years, with his knee and ankle giving him trouble. Still, he’s extremely dangerous to any defense, only tossing one interception while showing terrific pocket presence.