1). Rex Ryan is about to be fired!- In a game, the Bills had to win his team looked completely unprepared. It will not surprise me if it happens very soon.

2). Ezekiel Elliott is not the best running back in the NFL- Sometimes we forget exactly how good Le’veon Bell is. Bell reminded us on Sunday in Buffalo that he is still the best running back in the game. Bell was truly unbelievable on Sunday as he accounted for 236 yards rushing, with 139 of those yards coming after contact.

3). The Cleveland Browns are about to accomplish a perfect season- At least Cleveland has the Cavaliers and Indians, the Browns are not going to win a game this season.

4). The Broncos will not repeat as Super Bowl Champions- The offensive line is hideous with no semblance of a running game. Throw in a tough schedule to end the season, and I doubt you see the Broncos in the playoffs this year.

5). Harry Douglas might need secret service to protect him!- Douglas is a joke as a player, what is no joke is when Aqib Talib says he is going to whip your ass. Talib has already shot himself, so he is not afraid of anything, you better hide Harry!

6). You do not run a screen pass on 4th and one!- With their season on the line that is exactly what the Colts did! No, REALLY they did!

7). The Miami Dolphins need Earl Morrall or at least Don Strock- I am not a big fan of Ryan Tannehill, but I do prefer him over backup Matt Moore. The Dolphins finish with the Jets, Bills, and Patriots. The Patriots may have nothing to play for at the end of the season and if they don’t all three are winnable. The only question will be are they winnable with Matt Moore at QB?

8). The Packers are back in the playoff mix- A few weeks ago QB Aaron Rodgers said that the Packers would win out, that looks like a big time possibility right now. A big time matchup with the Lions looms at the end of the season.

9). The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a serious contender- The Buccaneers defense has turned into one of the best in the NFC, if the offense can become more consistent this team could challenge to win the NFC.

10). Vic Beasly is as good as any pass rusher in the NFL- After a subpar rookie campaign, Beasly has had a breakout season with 13.5 sacks so far this season. Jared Goff looked liked he wished he was the Rams backup QB instead of starter on Sunday.

11). The New York Giants defense has become very good- The Giants defense throttled the Cowboys Sunday night, led by great play from the secondary. Now if the offensive line could do something the Giants could become a threat to win the NFC.