New England vs. Cleveland

Looks like a mismatch on paper, and it will be one on the field also. Brady might be a little rusty, but it won’t matter.

Pick: Patriots 31 Browns 13


Houston vs. Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the hottest teams in the NFL, the Texans on the other hand, are a talented team even without J.J.Watt. Still not a big fan in Brock Osweiler and that’s why I am taking the home team here.

Vikings 20 Texans 17


Cincinnati vs. Dallas

Great matchup, maybe the defensive line against maybe the best offensive line. I will go with the Bengals, the lack of Dez Bryant being on the field will be too much for the Cowboys to overcome, They won’t have enough weapons on the field.

Bengals 27 Cowboys 24


Oakland vs. San Diego

The Chargers are dangerous, just because they have Phillip Rivers. The Raiders are dangerous because they are a complete team. I will side with the complete team.

Raiders 34 Chargers 24


New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh 

This game could be much closer than people expect. The Jets have multiple offensive weapons and the Steelers weakness is defending the deep ball. Still going with the Steelers, but this will be a close game.

Steelers 30 Jets 24


Baltimore vs. Washington

This game will be a shootout and in a shootout, I will go with Flacco over Cousins.

Ravens 38 Redskins 34


Philadelphia vs. Detroit

Eagles will just be too strong for the Lions, but look for Stafford to keep it closer than you think.

Eagles 33 Lions 27


Chicago vs. Indianapolis

I would rather watch reruns of the old T.V. series Full house, and I hated full house.

Colts 27 Bears17


Tennessee vs. Miami

Another crappy matchup, the difference here is the Titans seem to care more than the Dolphins.

Titans 24 Dolphins 16


Atlanta vs. Denver

Best matchup of the week! Denver has probably the best secondary in football and the Falcons have Julio Jones. Denver’s offense is a concern with Trevor Siemien being hurt, Paxton Lynch is Siemien’s backup and Lynch is a rookie. I like the Falcons in the upset here, Julio Jones has been unstoppable and I think that continues here.

Falcons 27 Broncos 20


New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

With the Giants, secondary beat up and hurting, you have to go with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Packers 34 Giants 27


Los Angeles Rams vs. Buffalo 

Both teams are hot, I think the difference is Tyrod Taylor is a better QB than Case Keenum. It would not surprise me if the Rams at home pull this off, but I am picking the Bills in a close one.

Bills 17  Rams 16


Tampa Bay vs. Carolina

These teams are exact opposites of the Bills and Rams as both of these teams seem to be falling apart. I am going with the upset here.

Buccaneers 23 Panthers 14



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