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1. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

No coach is better than Bill Belichick, and that’s not just right now, that is at any time in the history of the NFL. He is great at the three things that win football games. Those three things would be game preparation the ability to adjust on the fly and game management. He has been to 6 Super Bowl, and he has won four, and he looks on track for number five this year.

2. Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

Carroll has proved just how good of a coach he is the last two years as free agency, injuries and a retirement have tested his ability. Carroll always gets the absolute most out of his team, and that has been true once again this year. The loss of Earl Thomas has hurt the defense, can Carroll come up with something to give the Falcons trouble this weekend? Who knows? But would it surprise anybody if he did?

3. Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

Reid is maybe the best at preparing his team for a game during the week. The questions about Reid and what separates Belichick and Carroll from him is the ability to manage the game. Reid in the past has seemed like he has no clue when to challenge a call or call a time out. This year he has looked to be much better, will that continue during the playoffs? Your guess is as good as mine.

4. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Terry Bradshaw said Tomlin was just a cheerleader; maybe that’s because Tomlin’s best attribute is his ability to motivate his players. Since he is the Head Coach is that a bad thing? A Head Coach usually oversees everything; he is not calling offensive or defensive plays. Tomlin’s teams do seem somewhat undisciplined at times, but his players play hard and are highly motivated to win.

5. Bill O’Brien, Houston Texans

This may surprise some people, but from what I hear out of Houston the quarterback situation is not O’Brien’s fault. O’Brien did not want Brock Osweiler the GM Rick Smith did. The fact that O’Brien keeps getting the Texans to the playoffs with a bottom of the barrel quarterbacks makes you wonder what he would accomplish if he ever got a good QB in Houston?

6. Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons

Quinn has changed the culture in Atlanta. Under former coach Mike Smith the Falcons were a soft team, not anymore. They may not be a great defensive team, but they are mentally a lot tougher under Quinn.

7. Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

If McCarthy were as half as good as he thinks he is, he would be number one on this list. He has had Aaron Rodgers as his QB for close to a decade and only won one Super Bowl. He is a good enough coach to get you to the playoffs, but come playoff time he has a tendency to get conservative. Plus his game management can be called more than questionable on many occasions.

8. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Garrett can win if he has a ton of talent. He has no problem going for it on fourth down, and he is not afraid to take a chance. A couple of playoff wins here could change my mind.

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