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Today we are going to look at the eight remaining quarterbacks that are left playing for the Lombardi trophy. These rankings are based on how the eight quarterbacks are playing at this moment, these QB;s playoff histories or lack of playoff history will also play into the equation.

1). Aaron Rodgers- Nobody is hotter than Rodgers right now and similar to his Super Bowl 45 title, he has put the Packers on his back and has carried them this far. Can he drag them all the way to the Super Bowl? I doubt it, but I would not feel comfortable betting against him.

2). Tom Brady- For my money Brady is the greatest QB of all-time. He is a serious MVP candidate even after missing the first four games of the season, because of a bogus suspension handed down by the NFL. Brady seems in perfect position to go to his seventh Super Bowl.

3). Matt Ryan- Ryan should be the MVP of the league this season. I have him rated at three because his past playoff performances have not been great. That being said he has never had a supporting cast like this before. There is no reason to believe he will all the sudden fall apart. Ryan seems to be a different QB this year, and he has the supporting cast to win the Super Bowl.

4). Russell Wilson- I don’t believe he has the supporting cast to go much further than this, but he is still an elite QB. Two trips to the Super Bowl will attest to this. Wilson is not to be overlooked in any game he plays, as long as the Seahawks have Wilson they have a punchers chance.

5). Ben Rothesberger- Big Ben is not playing great football at this moment, but that doesn’t mean he won’t get hot and make a Super Bowl run. He has the talent around him, but in his past four games, he has thrown as many touchdowns as interceptions. If he gets hot, though he can do amazing things.

6). Dak Prescott- Prescott has done amazing things as a rookie this year. Can he continue to perform at a high level in the playoffs? I don’t see why not; he has a great supporting cast, and he could be the first rookie starting QB to win a Super Bowl.

7). Alex Smith- Smith, gets a bad rap, sure he is not a great QB, but over the last five years, he has turned into a solid QB. While it is true that Smith is not an elite QB, on the right team he can lead them on a deep run. Is this the right team? Maybe, the problem the Chiefs have right now are the injuries suffered in the offensive backfield. Smith has to have a running game to be successful, and it looks like the Chiefs are going to have a problem in that area. Smith has gone from a bust with the 49ers to a respectable NFL starter in K.C.

8). Brock Osweiler- Let’s face it this is a name that doesn’t fit on this list. Osweiler has been a major disappointment and is the main reason this team’s hopes are very limited.

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