1). Tom Brady, Patriots- Threw his first int of the year in the Patriots loss to the seahawks. Still, has played great this year and most importantly he has been the most consistent.

2). Derek Carr, Raiders- Was on a bye last week, next up are the Houston Texans.

3). Dak Prescott, Cowboys- Threw for over 300 yards and 2 TD’s in win at Pittsburgh. The Tony Romo question falls farther and farther behind him every time Prescott plays.

4). Russell Wilson, Seahawks- Continues in my opinion to be the most underrated QB in the league. Led the upset win over the Patriots in New England Sunday night. The Seahawks have to be one of the favorites to raise the Lombardi trophy at the end of the year.

5). Drew Brees, Saints- Typical 300 yard, 3 touchdown game for Brees. Played well when you consider the pressure the Broncos put on him all game long. Face a must win in Carolina Thursday night.

6). Matt Ryan, Falcons- Did not play well in the Falcons loss to the Eagles. As a whole, though you can’t ignore everything he has done this year on the basis of one game.

7). Matthew Stafford, Lions- Bye week. Stafford has played maybe the best football of his career this year. After last Sunday’s results, the Lions should be the favorite right now to win the NFC North.

8). Eli Manning, Giants- The Giants have no running game and a bad offensive line. A 6-3 record is directly attributed to the man behind center.

9). Kirk Cousins, Redskins- Cousins engineered a huge win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. If Cousins continues to play well, the Redskins will be a wild card contender.

10). Marcus Mariota, Titans- The Titans manhandled the Packers on Sunday, and Mariota seems to improve every week. Mariota has tossed 21 int’s to just 8 int’s, this team is a serious playoff contender.