1). Tom Brady, Patriots- Was on a bye week, he has been incredible this season especially when you consider he was cheated out of playing the first four games of the season.


2). Matt Ryan, Falcons- I almost jumped him up to number one this week as he threw for 344 yards and 4 touchdowns.


3). Derek Carr, Raiders- Played good enough to help the Raiders to their biggest win in over a decade against a great defensive team.


4). Drew Brees, Saints- Brees never seems to age, and suddenly the Saints look like a playoff contender. The defense seems to be improving weekly and the offensive line is playing well.


5). Dak Prescott, Cowboys- Was flawless against the Browns, throwing 3 TD passes. He seems too mature weekly right before our very eyes. This is shaping up to be a special season in Dallas, as long as Jerry doesn’t mess it up.


6). Phillip Rivers, Chargers- Has done more with fewer weapons than anybody on this list.Early in his career people accused him of being a cry baby, nowadays people just talk about how tough he is.


7). Matthew Stafford, Lions- Didn’t play as well in Minnesota as he has been playing. Still, when it came down to it, he made the plays to when the game. Stafford seems to have matured finally.


8). Russell Wilson, Seahawks- very good performance in the win over Buffalo on Monday night. Has played well all year, which is amazing considering how bad the Seahawks offensive line has been.


9). Eli Manning, Giants- Played well in a big win over the Eagles, throwing 4 touchdown passes. Has the Giants in the thick of the playoff hunt.


10). Kirk Cousins, Redskins- Coming off the bye week, Cousins looks like a man who is ready to lead his time on a charge towards the playoffs. To help matters he has a ton of weapons, and I wouldn’t bet against him getting it done.