Raiders Shine against Broncos with Interesting Turn of Events



Oakland Raiders had a particularly great night in their last match against the Denver Broncos. However, they dulled their shine a bit by creating a scene when they were treated unfairly. Of course, they did have the right to get angry, but the expression of that anger was quite something. Here is a blow by blow account of what took place on Sunday and NFL betting:


Great Beginnings

The Sunday match was a battle of wills between two teams of arguably equal strength. They were both trying to get the first place in the AFC West, which is a highly contested position. Oakland raiders were pitted against the Broncos, who have by far proven to be one of the best and toughest defense teams of the season. From the onset of the game, the Raiders showed prowess and skill, and they maintained an early lead to the game. By the end of it, they had beaten the Broncos by a 30- 20 score. The Raiders were at 7-2 and the Denver Broncos were at 6-3. The raiders managed an astounding 218 yards and three touchdowns to go with it. This was no mean achievement on the Raiders’ part, and one would have thought that their sterling performance would have been enough to pacify them in case of any hitches in the game.


Where the Trouble Began

The Raiders, however, proved to be very reactive when provoked. Provocation in this case, occurred when the Raiders’ Derek Carr threw a pass toward Jamize Olawale, who unfortunately missed it. It was then that the Bronco’s safety, T.J Ward dove at 30, reviving his team and giving them a second chance. The move infuriated Donald Penn, the Raiders’ left tackle, who expressed his rage in no uncertain terms to everyone who was in the field, and even the television audience. Cursing and yelling, he demanded to know why his team was not being allowed to run the ball. It took quite some effort to calm everyone down but eventually the match ended well with the Raiders maintaining the lead.


The Aftermath

With a certain victory, it was much easier for the raiders to express their happiness and glee. They discussed the tactics that brought them that much success, with Penn insisting that running only two plays the whole game was a strategy that worked well. Tice, who is the team’s coach, also quipped that implementing this repetitive technique was something that had been well thought out. It was the Bronco’s weak point, and they used it to their maximum advantage. They started executing the move after halftime, and they thought it was so obvious to the defense that they might as well have announced it to them.



The Raiders game against the Broncos was certainly a great one, and they were rather pleased with themselves. However, one has to admire the attitude of the players even after such a landslide victory. Even though they won by such a huge margin, they still expressed concern over their weaknesses, and vowed to strengthen those weak links. In the words of Donald Penn, the team is nowhere close to being as good as it can be. Now that is clearly the winning attitude that has brought the team thus far.