Both teams are in a battle for their respected division titles. The Titans are a young up and coming team that looks to be on the verge of dominating the AFC South for the foreseeable future. The Chiefs are not a pretty team, but always seem to prevail, one way or another.

Kansas City Chiefs- If you look at the Chiefs stats you would wonder how they have a 10-3 record. The 2016 Chiefs are No. 24 in offense, averaging 332.5 yards per game. They are No. 27 in defense, at 374.1 yards per game. Those numbers leave K.C. in the bottom 25 percent of the league. The Chiefs are superb at taking the ball away, and they are a well-coached disciplined team. This has been Andy Reid’s best coaching job to date.

Tennessee Titans-  DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry have been the key to the Titans success. The Titans chewed up the Broncos for 180 rushing yards and would like to do the same against the Chiefs to neutralize their strong pass rush. If they can run the ball, it will make Mariota’s job that much easier.


Keys to the game

Can the Chiefs stop the Titans running game? Justin Houston is still listed as questionable and without him the Chiefs are going to be hard pressed to stop the Titans on the ground. The Chiefs have already lost Linebacker Derrick Johnson for the year also, and over the last seven games are giving up an average of 130 yards a game on the ground.

Chiefs special teams vs.Titans special teams. The Titans have had breakdowns all year on special teams and in this game just one failure can lead to a game-changing touchdown.  Chiefs PR Tyreek Hill is a very dangerous weapon, and the Titans need to keep the ball out of his hands.

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I think the Titans will line up against a depleted Chiefs linebacking corps and pound the ball down their throats all day. Can Alex Smith make the plays to counter the Titans running attack? I think he can, but I don’t think he will make enough. Titans 23  Chiefs 20