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1). David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals- I know Ezekiel Elliott is the trendy pick, but there is simply no better all-around running back in the NFL than Arizona’s David Johnson. He has amassed 1,138 yards rushing and what sets him apart from everybody else is his 73 receptions for 800 yards and a combined 17 touchdowns. I do not even think there is a question this year about who is number one it is hands down David Johnson. Remember he plays behind a poor offensive line and is still dominant. If the Cardinals were in contention, he would at least be considered a candidate for the league’s MVP award, and he should be anyway, simply put he is the most complete running back in the NFL.
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2). Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys- Elliott leads the NFL in rushing with 1,551 yards for a stout 5 yards per carry. Receiving wise he is solid with 31 receptions for 351 yards and a combined 14 touchdowns. Those numbers add up to Elliott being a very special player who will be at or near the top of this list for the next decade barring injuries.

3). Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers- Bell is the closest thing to Johnson there is to Johnson in the NFL. It has been proven that with Bell on the field the Steelers are a Super Bowl contender, without him, they are just a good team that can make the playoffs. Bell has run for 1,146 yards and has caught 72 passes for 601 yards and a combined seven touchdowns. One can only imagine what his totals would have been if he had played the whole season.

4). Demarco Murray, Tennessee Titans- Murray has had a huge bounce back year with the Titans and has proven he is an elite running back. Murray has rushed for 1,224 yards and has amassed an impressive 50 receptions for 361 yards and 12 combined touchdowns and has been part of the Titans ascent to the top of the AFC South.

5). LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills- McCoy has had a stellar year rushing for 1,129 yards and an astounding 5.5 yards per carry. As a Receiver he is not sorry catching 44 passes for 333 yards, he also has contributed a combined 13 touchdowns.