Peyton Manning: Cheater? The NFL orthodoxy would scream at such a heretical thought regarding the league’s former Golden Boy, but The Grueling Truth’s fearless Leader Mike Goodpaster has no fear of slaughtering sacred colts, nor of taking an unadulterated look at the trail of uninvestigated scandal and cheating running parallel to Manning’s career in the NCAA and NFL…

Former Indianapolis Colts OT Tarik Glenn recently admitted that Peyton Manning and the Colts cheated, commenting in an interview by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that

“We were playing on the road, it might have been Peyton’s rookie year [1998], and it was really loud. Peyton hadn’t mastered the silent count, so [former offensive line coach] Howard Mudd had us wearing these hearing aids that were supposed to muffle the crowd while projecting the quarterback’s voice.”

You might say that this was twenty years ago and therefore is a dead issue. But before we let this go so quickly, ask yourself “What if this had been Tom Brady and the Patriots?” The allegations here are much worse than the deflating of balls scandal that the Colts screamed about and that eventually got Brady suspended for four games.

In Manning’s rookie year, the Colts were awful, as was Manning, so it’s hard to take much away from a 3-13 team, but the deeper question here would be that if in Peyton Manning’s rookie season, he and the Colts had no problem cheating, what makes you think this is the only time they did it?

Let’s look at some other instances that may lead a person to believe that the face of the NFL for two decades may not have been the perfect angel he was made out to be.

The first instance would have been when he was at the University of Tennessee. Then, the accusation was made that Manning was accused of having “forcefully maneuvered his naked testicles and rectum directly” onto the face of Dr. Jamie Naughright, the University of Tennessee’s director of health and wellness, and then “smirked” and “laughed” about it.

Imagine if Tom Brady or almost anybody else without the last name Manning had been accused of this behavior?

Then we have Manning’s alleged HGH use. According to Al Jazeera’s documentary on doping, an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic called the Guyer Institute supplied the Denver Broncos quarterback with human growth hormone while he recovered from the neck injury that sidelined him for the entire 2011 season. The film claims the clinic shipped the banned drug to Ashley Manning to avoid implicating the five-time NFL MVP in a possible drug scandal. Yes, Peyton Manning used his wife’s name so he would not be implicated! This was blown off with almost no investigation at all.

Remember the Colts were upset about possible deflated balls, the NFL conducted a witch hunt to take down Brady and the Patriots because of this action. They penalized the Patriots for this even though they never even proved the case. In the case of Tarik Glenn you have proof, so what will the NFL do? Of course, they will do nothing.

Actually, they will do something: They will probably let Manning take a job as a GM or head coach, they then will allow him to do whatever he wants because that is the way the NFL works. If you are one of the faces of the NFL, you can pretty much do whatever you want. If you’re not, you’re on a short leash — just ask Tom Brady?

So why are Brady and the Patriots treated differently? That’s easy: They win, and the other 31 NFL owners are apparently pissed off that they can’t keep up.

Manning comes from NFL royalty: His father Archie is held by most in high regard; his brother Eli has won two Super Bowls over those flabbergasting Patriots. You know the NFL will not touch this Royal Family! Manning scandals will be ignored by the NFL. (Remember the fake memorabilia scam which broke less than three months ago? Whatever happened with that…?)

The question remains: If the Colts and Manning were willing to cheat in 1998, what makes you think that they stopped at that one instance? Maybe even more is out there; if so, I am sure that the NFL will do all it can to stifle or ignore it.

That’s just the way the NFL does business, it seems.

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  • Yasser Muzaffar

    Such a BS article on so many levels lets count the amount of BS:
    1 the NFL did let the pats walk away without any penalty following the gibbest cheat in the history of the game (spygate). They even covered it up by burning the tapes one day after receiving them
    2 being a repeated cheating team is why the NFL is harder on the pats, they have a histore of consistent cheats so naturally the NFL will investigate alligations against them seriousely
    3 NFL did not choose to let the colts wak away from the hearing aid issue, but what can they do about an alleged cheat by a formem team member that only brought it up more than 10 years late?
    4 talk about letting manning go after his pre NFL career because of the Manning name is BS as there was no “Manning” name before petyon made one for himself in his NFL career
    5 according to al Jazeera…. just stop right there, of you live in this region you know that no truth ever comes from that channel
    6 stating that the NFL let manning go but not peyton because manning is the face of the NFL is BS because (sadly) Brady is also the face of the NFL

    Next time you want to write an article defending a cheating team try to bering up something not so full of BS

    • Alfred Sneade

      OMG. I’ve seen stupid before, but you, sir, take the cake. You post all this crap and do not have any proof or any sources whatsoever. Just another jealous hater believing everything anti-Patriot. We laugh at you.