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A social media football app with a fan vote during live games! And a quiz for the dreaded off-season!

You are Gridiron Moe and you pick the plays. Gridiron Moe happens in real time, during live games, so grab your mobile device, turn on the big game and get ready to play! Don’t know which play to choose? No problem! Moe’s Playbook will help you out. For offense, defense and special teams!

Can’t vote every play? No worries! Vote for just one play or every play! Cast your vote then see how you did. The more the fans like your call, the more points you earn. Play as much as you want, but every play counts! Will Moe be Super Bowl-bound, or could the mascot do better? You’ll only know if you play!

Check out this App at http://www.gridironmoe.com/

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