Patrick and Jason wrap up the round 1 match-ups, then give their preview of whats to come in the Conference Semifinals.

Capitals vs Penguins = Sid VS Ovi
Senators vs Rangers = Will Craig Andersons story move to round 3?
Predators vs Blues = Pekka vs Allen
Ducks vs Oilers = Can Kesler & Co shut down superstar McDavid?

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  • Cruiznblue

    Great podcast! First time listening and was rather impressed.

    Now that game 1 is in the books, would you reassess the Duck’s strengths against the oilers? I think people under-value the Oiler’s defense. I don’t really see an advantage for the ducks defensively…in terms of their defensemen. Ducks defense core (Lindholm/Fowler?) are good but after that, Bieska is well past his prime and more a liability than anything, and the other 3 are young/inexperienced. Vatanen may bring offensive upside when he comes back, but against the quick/speedy oiler forwards, I think he’ll he could be a liability defensively.

    I think the Ducks have better defensive forwards, obviously Kessler weighing in on that. But Kleffbom is starting to show his potential, similar to a Ristolainen in Buffalo in my opinion. Nurse and Larrson look good so far (that Hall trade looks better and better for the Oilers). And they have more veteran presence in Sekera, Russel, Gryba.

    Goaltending is a wash for me. Talbot doesn’t look washed out…yet at least.

    Also think that Ducks had the easier series in round 1. San Jose could be argued as a better defensive team than the Ducks (Both their GA in the regular season were basically identical), but as you mentioned, had a top defensive defensemen in Vlasic and Norris winner to be, Burns.

  • Cruiznblue

    Btw ignore my avatar…I know…they suck…