It’s time : 2017 CFL playoffs time, that is! Finally all positions in the tournament are locked in. To the surprise of Rouge White & Blue co-hosts Joe Pritchard and Os Davis, Joe’s beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers managed to book a home playoff game by upending the Calgary Stampeders’ second stringers in week 20.

No one’s re-losing (?) their heads over these Bombers, however – at least not on the RWB – as revealed in the “CFL playoffs preview” bit of the podcast. While Winnipeg may be the sole team the Edmonton Eskimos have not beaten in 2017, the grueling truth is that all the proverbial pieces appear to be falling into place for the Esks right now – and Os drops a very simple stat that may trigger feelings of doom among five other fanbases.

And over there in the “East,” the suddenly high-flying Ottawa RedBlacks have drawn the side no one wants to face right now (except maybe those freakin’ Eskimos) in the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The RedBlacks are flashing back to Henry Burris’s days – hey, 2016 seems like long ago, dunnit? – in running up some 34½ points per game over the past five weeks, but the RWB wonders if the Ottawa D can stop any team not named the Montreal Alouettes right now.

So how far can Chris Jones ride his Riders? RWB weighs in on that, too, definitely.

The Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast: Getting the feeling these playoffs’ll be weird…

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