Are you ready for some football … predictions? Yes, it’s that time of the preseason for Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard to play Nostradamus and take stands on what we think will happen in Canadian football, 2017 edition.

But first! Other news beckons as well! Joe gives us the details on the RWB’s new family: The CFL Podcast Family! We’re one dozen strong with CFL-devoted shows; for a full list of links to our brethren podcasts, click here. Podcasting has been such a vital part of CFL fandom in the 2010s and the RWB has got to say we’re proud to represent the ‘States in the CFL Podcast Family.

Also, can it be that TSN (and, by dint of contract, ESPN) simply aren’t showing enough *CFL preseason games* on TV? Give some folks a Twitter, and they’ll complain about anything…
And finally, predictions! Os has got a nice crazy – yet utterly logical! – Grey Cup prediction for your consideration. (Though those who’ve heard him on the Grueling Truth’s NFL Pick ‘Em show, you’ll know not to wager anything of substance on his picks.)

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The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Because it is June yet.
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