Join Matt Andruscavage and former 49ers running back Dexter Carter as they review another overtime defeat, this time at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts.

Dexter discusses what the mindset is when the season appears to be in jeapordy, both from a player’s perspective, as well as a coach’s.

The Colts’ game was difficult as Brian Hoyer was inconsistent, despite putting up over 300 yards and throwing two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Carlos Hyde did not play much of the game and the offense sputtered until they were down 23-9 in the 4th quarter. They were able to tie the game and force over time, but even after a Ray Ray Armstrong interception in overtime, the 49ers couuld not seal the deal.

The Week 6 matchup against Washington will be a real test for both the 49ers offense and defense as they look to avoid an 0-6 start.