Just in case you’re not utterly embroiled in the ubiquitous March Madness chatter, the Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast remains enamored with Canadian football and we’ve got your weekly dose ready.

This week, RWB co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard welcome Andrew Bucholtz of, a lifelong fan and reporter of the CFL. Naturally, we discuss the biggest news of the previous week – at least in terms of sheer hype – namely, the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ signing of Heisman Trophy winner Vince Young. But we’ve also got lots of love (or dismay) for each of the CFL’s squads in assessing the free agency performances thus far in 2017.

And then, it’s back to the past again, for a truly unique and literally once-in-a-lifetime pairing in the Grey Cup. These two Americans and one Canadian this week travel back to British Columbia in 1994. Fans of the CFL, gridiron football or North American sports in general may recall ’94 as the middle of three seasons of the “CFL USA” experiment which ultimately produced little more than befuddlement and financial chicanery for the league.

Of course, CFL USA did produce (for a couple of seasons anyway) one viable Canadian football franchise; and there, the “Canadian” refers to the sport, not the roster, which, thanks to some hastily slapped-together “rules”, included zero Canadian citizens. The 1994 Grey Cup saw that American franchise, temporarily known as the “Baltimore Football Club”, square off against the unheralded, third-place finishing BC Lions.

Andrew lends a fantastic perspective on the game historically speaking, as the significance of this particular Grey Cup to the Canadian version of the game is nearly inestimable. And we won’t hesitate to add that, basically, this is one heck of a football game.

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