With no actual Canadian football in sight and still no signs of Matt Nichols’ re-signing in Winnipeg, Rouge White & Blue CFL podcast co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard turn to the past this week with a re-viewing of the 1976 Grey Cup between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the now-defunct team whose name brought much mirth to American football fans, the Ottawa Rough Riders.

But before Os and Joe step into their time machine (a.k.a. YouTube), they chat some more about the just-past Grey Cup with a fellow CFL fan from down south, Dr. Anthony Moretti. As those who follow him on Twitter know, Dr. Moretti lives in the very heart of Steeler Nation in Pittsburgh, but has eschewed the NFL game altogether to stay true to the more fun, less sordid variety of football played in the CFL. Today, he’s known as the social media vigilante called Doctor Rouge…

Dr. Moretti attended his first Grey Cup this year in Toronto, and both he and Joe weigh in on the festivities surrounding the cup, Toronto’s spiffy new stadium facilities and, of course, the game itself. Also: What is and what should be the future of hosting the Grey Cup game?

RWB talks a little news – some exists, despite the lack of info on the all-important Nichols – thereafter, specifically some moves the West teams are making. Joe and the Doctor then enjoy making Os Squirm while discussing the apparently lack of enthusiasm among potential hirees for the head coach and/or general manager positions there.

And then, we’re 40 years back to an age without coaches’ challenges and well more used running games. We’re back to one of the finest examples of CFL championships: The 1976 Grey Cup, a nail biter which Saskatchewan’s goal line defense appeared to have won, yet somehow gave up “The Catch” to lose. And it’s a game starring the likes of Tony Gabriel, Tom Clemons and Cleveland Vann. Fantastic!

Check out the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast right here at the or download/subscribe via Spreaker, Stitcher, iTunes and all those other podcast-offering sites. Next week, we’ll be on another nostalgia trip, going back to look at the 1981 Grey Cup final.

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Fans of Canadian Football past, present and future…

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