CFL week 2 was exciting (well, except for that Lions-Argos game) and revealing (throughout) to Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard. We give you our takes on how everything shook out during Canada Day weekend.

Joining the RWB this week is Max Rosenberg, the CFL’s Social Media & Content Manager. Max tells us of the importance of grassroots-style media to the league, what (if anything) can be done to get out more fans in the apparently blasé Toronto market, and the problems with Odell Willis’s fantasy football lineup.

After Max’s departure, the RWB looks ahead to the CFL’s week 3 games, including Os’s strange motivation to instill some confidence in Joe vis-à-vis his beloved Winnipeg Blue bombers – I’m still telling y’all: This is a very good team!

(And also, yes, we’re aware that Randy Ambrosie, really the perfect man for the job as far as all stakeholders are concerned, has now been *officially* named CFL Commissioned. Even though this wasn’t so as the RWB was recorded. We talk about him “unofficially” anyway…)

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Anxiously awaiting the Ambrosie Era…

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