With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Mark and Alex explain what each franchise should be thankful for heading in to the Thanksgiving Break.
(00:40-1:51) Atlanta Hawks
(01:52-4:19) Dallas Mavericks
(04:20-5:41) Chicago Bulls
(5:42-8:23) Sacramento Kings
(8:24-9:20) Brooklyn Nets
(9:22-11:44) Los Angeles Clippers
(11:45-13:05) Charlotte Hornets
(13:06-16:18) Phoenix Suns
(16:19-18:47) Miami Heat
(18:48-22:20) Utah Jazz
(22:21-24:06) Orlando Magic
(24:07-26:27) Los Angeles Lakers 
(26:28-28:30) Indiana Pacers
(28:31-30:55) Memphis Grizzlies
(30:56-32:44) New York Knicks
(32:45-37:40) Oklahoma City Thunder (Alex and Mark compare this roster to the normal fixin’s at Thanksgiving Dinner)
(37:41-38:40) Milwaukee Bucks
(38:41-40:41) New Orleans Pelicans
(40:42-43:08) Philadelphia 76ers #TheProcess
(43:09-45:32) Portland Trailblazers
(45:33-47:24) Washington Wizards
(47:25-50:49) Denver Nuggets
(50:50-51:40) Lebron’s Cavaliers
(51:41-52:52) San Antonio Spurs
(52:53-54:19) Toronto Raptors
(54:20-55:33) Minnesota Timberwolves
(55:34-57:39) Detroit Pistons
(57:40-1:00:48) Golden State Warriors
(1:00:49-1:02:32) Boston Celtics
(1:02:33-1:05:48) Houston Rockets
Lastly the guys end the podcasting talking about Thanksgiving plans (1:05:50-1:08:28)

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