Intro and Opening Remarks: 0:00-2:55

Team Previews:
1. Eric Bledsoe on the move? (Phoenix Suns): 2:56-6:33
2. What Does the Fox Say? (Sacramento Kings): 6:35-12:50
3. Lonzo Time in La La Land (Los Angels Lakers): 12:51-21:33
4. Dennis Smith Jr meets Dirk’s Possible Farewell Tour (Dallas Mavericks) 21:35-28:37
5. No ‘D’ in Portlan (Portland Trailblazers) 28:40-34:42
6. Carry On My Hayward-less Son’s (Utah Jazz) 34:43-43:45
7. Yeah I’m Walking In Memphis (Memphis Grizzlies) 43:49-51:21
8. The Kentucky Pelicans (New Orleans Pelicans) 51:22-59:25
9. Are You Ready for a BlakeQuake? (Los Angeles Clippers) 59:26-68:06
10. Beware of the Joker! (Denver Nuggets) 61:10-75:06
11. The Timberbulls! (Minnesota Timberwolves) 75:08-86:48
12. You’ve Been, Thunderstruck! (Oklahoma City Thunder) 86:50-89:24-94:58-100:45
13. Houston, the West Now Has a Problem! (Houston Rockets) 89:25-94:56
14. Kawhi-tly Staying Pat (San Antonio Spurs) 100:48-105:50
15. The Golden Era (Golden State Warriors) 105:57-115:27

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