0:00-6:10 (Intro): Mark and Alex briefly discuss the recent controversy between President Trump and Warriors guard, Steph Curry.

6:25-13:12 They’ve got Robin, but where is Batman? (Chicago Bulls)

13:15-16:14; 48:52-55:13 No sleep till Brooklyn! (Brooklyn Nets)

16:15-22:53 Georgia on my Mind! (Atlanta Hawks)

22:55-34:45 Tri not. Do or do not. There is no tri. (New York Knicks)

34:48-48:50 It’s Magic, you know! Never believe it’s not so! (Orlando Magic)

55:15-62:10 Boom Baby! Turner THUNDERS it home! (Indiana Pacers)

62:15-66:55 The FEDS (Philadelphia 76ers)

66:57-69:45; 76:31-80:04 Are we still on Waiters Island? (Miami Heat)

69:46-71:31; 86:11-89:48 Can you feel the buzz, in Buzz City? (Charlotte Hornets)

71:32-76:30 Detroit city, she’s the place to be! (Detroit Pistons)

80:05-82:35; 89:49-90:56 Fear the Deer…! (Milwaukee Bucks)

82:36-86:10; 95:44-100:00 We The North (Toronto Raptors) -CJ Miles Wife Lauren gets in twitter
battle with Mark!

90:57-93:01-101:18-102:11 The D.C. or Nothing! (Washington Wizards)

93:03-95:43; 100:01-101:17 More Than a Feeling! (Boston Celtics)

102:12-108:00 Long Live the King (Cleveland Cavaliers)

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