Segment 1
A. Intro (0:00-3:50)
B. Earl Watson Fired and Bledsoe’s Tweet (3:51-9:55)
C. Teams that could trade for Bledsoe? Cavs? Nuggets? Pelicans? Bucks? Hornets? (9:58-15:00)
D. No defense in Phoenix; The Bulls and the Portis altercation with Mirotic (15:00-21:51)
E. The Houston Rockets HOT Start; CP3 and Harden (21:52-32:35)
F. Oklahoma City’s early season struggles; Melo’s role; Russ too passive? (32:36-43:52)
G. Previewing Segment 2 (43:53-44:41)Segment 2:
A. Cavaliers Talk: LeBron James is still The King of the NBA-is he the GOAT?; Wade to the bench; Derrick Rose’s role going forward this season (44:41-59:17)
B. Kyrie returns to Cleveland; Hayward OUT for the Season-whats next for the Celtics? Jeremy Lin OUT for the Season. (59:18-
C. Trade Possibilities for the Celtcs; Al Horford’s trade value; (68:33-73:58)
D. The Best Player in Week 1: Giannis Antetokounmpo (74:00-76:40); The Best Team(s) in Week 1: Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers (76:41-78:44); Best Fans in Week 1: Memphis Grizzlies; Stephen Curry ejected for slinging mouth guard at official; Durant is still sensitive to fans. (78:45-82:29)
E. Steve Kerr’s comments on Curry plus the guys discuss Kerr overall (82:30-87:15)
F. Previewing Segment 3 (87:15-87:52)

Segment 3
A. Lonzo’s debut; The Pat Beverly Effect, Brandon Ingram and the Lakers (87:53-98:00)
B. Victor Oladipo’s music career; Also they tease about Oladipo’s unfortunate career with the Magic and the Thunder (100:30-102:10)
C. The Courtroom Podcast is heading to iTunes, slowly but surely; Jeff Hornacek, Karl Malone and John Stockton (102:10-104:16)
D. Mark harasses Alex for being a Pacers fan; Alex praises Oladipo even though he was dunked on by James Johnson and his overall play with the Pacers; Brady and Mark praise the play of Sabonis; (104:10-108:10)
E. To end the show, Mark makes one last jab about the Lakers and Lonzo Ball. We also have a random Enes Kanter name drop. Alex closes the show by revealing next weeks’ guest, Jeff Garcia from the Locked on Spurs Podcast,

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