This week, Scott and I make our triumphant, yeah, that’s it, triumphant return to the airwaves to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Vikings’ roster.

Do the Vikings truly have the 12th best roster in the NFL like Pro Football Focus (PFF) says? Scott feels that may be a little high and I think it may be right on the money as we are discussing the talent of the roster.

One thing we both noted about the PFF-proclaimed top-tier of the NFL is how prolific the offensive lines are. If the Vikings plan on being at the top of PFF’s list next season, their offensive line must be much better than last season.

We also discuss the fact that 2017 will be the final season for the Vikings down in Mankato. Scott then makes the connection that this is the 52nd and final season in Mankato and the Vikings will be hosting Super Bowl 52. Coincidence? We think not!

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