This week on Irish Football Weekly, Josh and Tony talk about several topics concerning the Irish. Some players and units of players are starting to get recognized as finalists of the end of the year awards for the best in college football. There will be more players getting acknowledged for other awards as the college football season comes to a close for this year as well.

The Irish travel to California to face #21 Stanford this week. They play on Saturday with an 8 p.m. (est) start time and the game will be available on ABC. This match-up could tremendously help the Irish, if they play the way they can play. Tony mentions some players that have stepped up recently to contribute to the team’s success. He also talks about the previous meetings with Stanford and how the seniors need to take it personal. The defense will need to need to stop a very potent player and offensive unit to get the 10th win of the season.

Josh and Tony talk about how the Irish are still in the hunt for the College Football Playoff. They are outside looking in, but there is a shot with a team already losing this week and some others playing some tough opponents very soon. The Irish fan base needs to stay positive and hope for some things to happen in other games to give the Irish a chance to possibly be in that playoff.

Tony’s segment (The Three Toughest Picks), have some very big games and you will need to listen to hear both of their picks and how those may or may not help the Irish.

Josh ends the show with the Fun Fact for the Finish and how that relates with a player being a finalist for a very prestigious award.

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