It is THE week! It is “SC” week! Tony shares some very fond memories of this week and what it means to be a part of this week. This week could catapult the Irish into a serious contender for the College Football Playoff. We are several weeks away from figuring out the top 4 teams that will play for the National Championship, but this game will be a huge indicator for the Irish with how that will look like for them.

Josh and Tony talk about this week’s critical home game for the Irish, which is Saturday, October 21st at 7:30 p.m. on NBC. The 89th meeting between the two programs has some outstanding players that are in contention for some prestigious season-ending awards. The guys talk about the offense and how they need to be successful against a Trojan defense that has several talented players in different positions.

The Irish defense still needs to get better in some areas, but have made some enormous strides to become a great unit for this program. Josh and Tony discuss some areas of importance for this game specifically that will give the Irish a win for that home crowd!

“Three Toughest Picks” will go really well for one person (probably Tony!) and go terribly for the other (most likely Josh!). They are on opposites of records in which one of two things will happen, Josh will much closer or Tony will get much further away from him! We will have to see as the weekend unfolds with some great college football games this week!

A “Fun Fact for the Finish” that is shared doesn’t really bode well for the programs in recent years, but these two programs currently are inching their way back to stardom!!!!

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