The L.A. Rams 2.0 Show is a true product of The Grueling Truth, as this week co-hosts Os Davis and former Notre Dame Fighting Irish/Buffalo Bills/Los Angeles Rams TE Tony Hunter welcome former All-Pro running back and 1988 NFL Comeback Player of the Year Greg Bell.

For those not in the know (and you really should be), Greg’s football career parallels Tony’s almost eerily: Like Tony, Mr. Bell was born and raised an Ohio boy. Greg came to the Notre Dame team one year after Tony, and both were drafted in the first round by the Buffalo Bills in consecutive years. And when Bell ultimately requested a trade from Buffalo, he naturally ended up on Hunter’s Rams. Heck, as we learn on the ’Show, these two even talked trash at each other during state track meets.

Since this is a Grueling Truth podcast, we talk some personal history. The two legends speak about playing for John Robinson in L.A. and leading those great Rams offenses of the mid- to late 1980s. We also discuss the effect of the USFL and even touch upon the wacky World League of American Football, with which Greg played a key role. And how Greg is professionally leveraging his football experience today is quite interesting as well.

But have no fear, you non-children of the 80s! The L.A. Rams 2.0 Show is about the 21st-century team as well, and Greg joins the regular duo to discuss today’s Rams. Indeed, Greg chose quite a week to join us, following up a 37-32 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in which the defense was an uncharacteristic letdown while Case Keenum set passing records. And did anyone notice the secretly excellent – albeit fantasy football-unfriendly – effort turned in by Todd Gurley?

As for next week, Tony and Greg give us the realistics of playing a game overseas and the effects of cross-continental travel. And with the Rams secondary crippled by injuries, can relentless blitzing a notoriously weak offensive line really be the only answer against a (possibly) resurrected New York Giants passing game? (Spoiler: It may be, guys…)

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