To quote Chicago Cubs 1st Baseman Anthony Rizzo in Game 7 of the World Series, “I feel like I’m in a glass case of emotion.”

That is how the Boston Red Sox faithful felt this week when they heard David Price would be seeing Dr. James Andrews about some forearm and elbow soreness. Luckily, he will not require surgery, but would the Red Sox have been dealt that big of a blow if they had lost him?

Plus, the Washington Nationals sign a veteran relief pitcher to their bullpen. Who is he and how much does he help their chances of making it to the Fall Classic?

Finally, we have broken 28 teams since the end of the 2016 season and only 2 remain, the two who squared off last year in the World Series. Can the Cleveland Indians repeat? What do the Chicago Cubs do with Ben Zobrist?

All that and a whole lot more this week on Out of Left Field.

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