How long has it been since we have seen multiple teams have their seasons go up in flames in the same week? Well, that just may be the case for 2 teams in the National League.

Word came down from the Commissioner of Baseball’s office this past Tuesday that the Pittsburgh Pirates all star outfield Starling Marte had been suspended for using a banned substance. That banned substance was an anabolic steroid! Does this spell doom for the Pittsburgh Pirates season before we exit the first month of the season? Secondly what does this say about Major League Baseball’s PED policy? Chris has an idea that just might be the change Major League Baseball needs to make.

The San Francisco Giants got work Thursday that their ace Madison Bumgarner had been involved in a dirt bike accident, injuring his shoulder and ribs, and may miss significant time. We saw something similar last season when Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw when down with a back injury. Can the Giants keep themselves afloat in the NL West until the return of MadBum, or is this the break the Colorado Rockies or Arizona Diamondbacks need to try and make a playoff run in 2017?

Plus, we unveil 2 new segments on the show: Backstop of the Week and Behind the Mask. Who gets our first Backstop of the Week honor? You will find out that plus a whole lot more this week on Out of Left Field.
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