Seems like this week’s show should start off with a homerun just like every game of the MLB playoffs have seemed to so far.

What a crazy start to the playoffs. The Minnesota Twins opened the AL Wild Card game and 2017 postseason with a leadoff homerun and 3 runs in the top of the 1st inning against the New York Yankees and the drama just grew from there. These 2 teams traded blows with 1 advancing to face the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS. We recap the game and forecast what we expect from the rest of the ALDS.

The NLDS was not lacking for drama as the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks squared off against each other 24 hours after the AL Wild Card. The runs came quick, fast, and in a hurry with poor pitching and hot bats leading to an exclamation point from, of all players, a relief pitcher. Who had the big hit of the night to set the tone for an exciting NLDS against the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Get ready for a great month of October with great hits, questionable pitching, and solid umpiring and we will have it all for you on Out of Left Field.
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