We are just 84 days away from Opening Day of the 2017 Major League Baseball season. Hall of Fame ballots are in and next Wednesday, 34 men will find out if they have been awarded the highest honor: a permanent home in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

Who is up for enshrinement this ballot? Veterans from the like of Billy Wagner and Lee Smith, 6th and 3rd all time in Saves respectively, to Gary Sheffield and Sammy Sosa. You know where Chris and Graham stand on PED users getting in the Hall of Fame, but what about a guy like Ivan Rodriguez who was never found to have used but many think that one little quote may be an admission of guilt without ever having said yes? We get into this week.

Plus, we finish up our breakdowns of the AL West. Do the Los Angeles Angels need to trade Mike Trout? And do the Houston Astros have enough pieces to make another run at the divisional title and upset the Texas Rangers?

All that and more this week on Out of Left Field.
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