The ball has finally been put in play for Spring Training 2017, which means we are in a for a slew of crazy stories and, potentially but hopefully not, some really crazy injuries.

Thankfully, the crazy injuries have not happened bu the stories have certainly started. Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa has made headlines again. There was talk of a potential reconciliation between the Cubs and Sosa after a bitter end to the relationship between ball club and player. It appears Sammy Sosa has put any possibility of that to bed after some rather strange and mind boggling comments. Will these two sides ever bury the hatchet?

Plus, it has finally happened. Matt Wieters has a home. Where did he go and what does his signing mean for his new ball club?

Finally, our breakdowns are almost complete. This week, the National League Central division is where we put the microscope. Does any team have the parts in place to give the Chicago Cubs a run in 2017?

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