What a week for us at Out of Left Field! With the Diamond Resorts Invitational taking place in Orlando, many of Major League Baseball’s best were in attendance to raise money for a great cause.

Graham had a chance to catch up with some and get their takes on some hot button topics that you will ONLY hear on Out of Left Field brought to you by The Grueling Truth Network.

Matt Wieters and Mark Trumbo are still looking for a spot to land, but with pitchers and catchers reporting in 1 month, the countdown is on for them to find a home. Plus, Jose Bautista was expected to resign with the Toronto Blue Jays after he had very few suitors but even that has yet to happen. Where are they going and how soon will it happen?

Plus, Manny Ramirez, who just signed a contract with the Kochi Fighting Dogs in Japan, is up for election into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Is he worthy of the honor? His numbers say so, but will a positive steroid test in 2012, plus other allegations, keep him out?

Finally, we discuss what the San Diego Padres need to do to try and start heading the right direction and start the discussion that will have the hot blooded rivalry of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants starting to boil: who wins the NL West next season?

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  • michael keenan

    he’s as guilty as can be. it’s difficult to maintain the integrity of baseball but when you’re caught there shouldn’t be any chance for a shot at The Hall.