Thank you all so much for joining us and supporting us on our live show last week. We had a blast!

Figures, 10 hours after the show ends, Bryce Harper sucked the breath out of every baseball fan in America for 15 hours. Thankfully, instead of a torn ACL of MCL, he had a serious bone bruise. Will this affect the post season for the Nationals and should Major League Baseball look into changing the bases bag to a more canvas “bag” like feel that gave bases their nickname?

Plus, the Los Angeles Dodgers just keep adding pieces and the New York Mets are happy to oblige. CF Curtis Granderson has made the trip west to California from what is possible the biggest laughing stock in baseball this year to the hottest team in the game. How will this change the outfield lineup and will Joc Pederson stay up with the big club throughout the end of the year and postseason?

Finally, there is a problem brewing in baseball. This is not meant to be a soapbox moment, but the treatment of umpires by players and mangers, especially in comments made to the media, is starting to get out of hand. Detroit Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler had some extremely scathing remarks about veteran umpire Angel Hernandez. The problem: MLB’s attempt at “punishment” is a $10k fine and nothing else has caused a deep rift between the league and the World Umpire’s Union, WUA. Will a strike, similar to the NFL, occur in baseball? What needs to happen on both sides to fix this? We will discus this the next several weeks on the show.
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  • whsshotput65

    Why not discuss the degradation of the the quality of the Umpires. Ian Kinsler is correct, the slap on the wrist averts a court case would show how bad ML Umpires have become