This week on out of left field, Graham and Chris discuss the standings and the seven teams that have clinched playoff berths so far. The BoSox and Yanks are both going, but in what order? The Indians, Dodgers, Astros and Nationals have all clinched their divisions and the DBacks are Wild Cards this post season, so far, and October is shaping up to be a heated month of exciting baseball. Also, Brad Ausmus won’t be returning to the Tigers as the Motor City revs up for an overhaul.

Todd Frazier had a heart-wrenchingly terrifying moment this past week when a 105-mph foul ball hit a four-year-old girl in the head in the Bronx. Chris and Graham discuss the injury and what it needs to mean for the future of baseball.

Finally, the protests of the National Anthem have made their way to Major League Baseball, despite the admonition by Adam Jones that it couldn’t happen, after President Trump’s divisive remarks on the subject. A’s rookie catcher, and son of a Soldier, becomes the first player in baseball to kneel for the National Anthem during their game against the Rangers on Saturday. Reactions, responses, and more this week on Out of Left Field.
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