In today’s show the creator of Mike Goodpaster, joins host, Alex Golden to preview the Colts contest against the Seattle Seahawks.

(Intro & Segment 1) [0:00-11:40] Alex and Mike discuss the controversy of kneeling during the National Anthem.

(Segment 2) [11:41-22:42] Reviewing the Colts first three games and how they’ve faired against the Rams, Cardinals and Browns. The guys also discuss the injuries the Colts have faced outside of Andrew Luck. Lastly they talk about rookies Hooker, Wilson and Mack.

(Segment 3) [22:44-26:58] The guys discuss TY Hilton and his success last week with Brissett. The Colts defense needing an identity and how they are on the right path. Lastly, Mike explains why the Colts need to build within the trenches to make this team a difference maker.

(Segment 4) [26:59-30:53] Mike and Alex discuss the Colts front 7 and how the defensive free agents GM Ballard brought in have helped this team. The guys then discuss John Simon and his addition to the team.

(Segment 5) [30:54-35:27] The strengths and weaknesses of the Seattle Seahawks. How the Colts can take advantage of the Seattle offensive line and pressure Wilson. Maintaining Wilson from extending plays. The guys also talk Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham. Lastly, Mike explains why Brissett and Gore need to be assertive in the running game for the Colts to win.

(Segment 6) [35:28-39:07] Ryan Kelly’s injury and status. Mike and Alex talk a little about Andrew Luck and what the Colts have to do if Andrew Luck returns in Game 7. In addition, Mike expresses how the AFC South has improved and how the Texans and Titans are threats. The lowlights from the Colts/Browns and how Brissett needs to become more in sync with his offensive line.

(Segment 7) [39:07-42:05] Mike and Alex discuss how the Colts could really be 0-3. We also talk about the AFC North and why they could be on the downward side of things. How does Tolzien have a job?

(Segment 8) [42:11-49:42] Final thoughts on the Colts/Seahawks game. Should the Colts keep Luck off the field for a longer period of time than expected? Should the Colts tank this season to get a Top 5 pick? Mike and Alex also discuss the Pagano problem and what type of coach they should look at getting. (a candidate is mentioned).

(Segment 9) [50:15-53:32] Alex asks Mike who is better: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Where does Peyton Manning rank all time?

(Segment 10 & Outro) [53:33-56:36] Mike and Alex talk about the NFL Legends Show and the NFL Pick Em Show on Lastly, Mike praises the new NBA Debate Show on “The Courtroom Podcast”.

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