This week is the undeniably the hardest show we have had to do; we have to say goodbye to two men who have left a lasting legacy in the game of baseball.

As almost all of you have heard, Miami Marlins’ ace Jose Fernandez was tragically killed when a boat he was riding in collided with the rocks of a jetty off of Miami Beach. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, the team, and all those affected by this.

A much less tragic, yet still immense loss to the baseball world, is the retirement of future MLB Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully. His historic career has spanned over two-thirds of a century and he has called some of the most memorable moments in Major League Baseball. His iconic voice and ability to paint a picture with words has made him a staple in the homes of millions of fans.

We discuss both of these men’s careers, their lasting impact on the game and their respective cities, and how we move forward with the hole so deep in the fabric of the game we love.