“In Goff We Trust”? Don’t know if L.A. Rams 2.0 Show co-hosts Os Davis and former Fighting Irishman/Buffalo Bill/Los Angeles Ram TE Tony Hunter would go quite that far, but Tony in particular cannot hide his excitement at seeing the no. 1 overall pick out of Cal finally make his NFL debut for the Rams.

In briefly reviewing last week’s 9-6 baseball game against the New York Jets, it’s once again kudos to the defense – but no surprises there.

Tony and Os soon get to talking Goff, with Tony ever the optimist and Os openly wondering about Goff’s subpar win-loss record in college and his poor results in the preseason. As for Case Keenum’s public registration of surprise and unhappiness at the announcement that Goff would be starting in week 11, Tony’s having none of it.

And with Goff in the game, Tony and Os look into the future a bit, as groundbreaking in Inglewood on Stan Kroenke’s hyperexpensive stadium facility happens this week. On the down side, we chat about Todd Gurley more, especially in light of a recent take from Bleacher Report.

Lest we forget, the Miami Dolphins, winners of four straight and powered by Jay Ajayi, come to Los Angeles. Can the Rams hold the score down again? Can Goff use weapons like Kenny Britt and, yes, Gurley more effectively than had Keenum? You can bet Tony and Os weight in on these questions.

All this and a short (we promise!) detour into basketball on this week’s episode. Go Rams!

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