On one hand, may have picked the wrong week to launch The Grueling Truth Rams Weekly Show; in their opening-week game, the Los Angeles Rams 2.0 brought whole new depth of meaning to words like “auspicious” and “godawful” in a grievous 28-0 loss to the frankly not-that-good San Francisco 49ers.

On the other hand, nah.

Co-hosting the brand spankin’ new Weekly Rams Show podcast are Grueling Truther Os Davis and former L.A. Ram himself, Tony Hunter. In addition to achieving legendary status with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish – he co-hosts The Grueling Truth’s new Weekly Notre Dame show as well, so you can hear all about his college days in that space – Tony played NFL ball for four years with the Buffalo Bills and the great L.A. Rams teams of the 1980s.

But perhaps most importantly for purposes of the Weekly Rams Show, Tony is an optimist: A quality most necessary after a truly apocalyptic-looking Monday night. Os naturally plays Chicken Little against Tony in attempting to make some sense of a game that will live in infamy.

We also look ahead to week two, when things are unlikely to get any easier for our Rams against those perpetually annoyingly contending Seattle Seahawks. Remember last year’s opener against these guys and the swell of optimism for the 2015 season? We can only hope someone steps up to play in week 2, but even Tony Hunter is at a loss (so to speak) as to who might…

Download episode 1 of The Grueling Truth’s Rams Weekly Show right here or through Spreaker, ITunes and all the usual download-site suspects.

Enjoy the show!

 Los Angeles Rams weekly show w/Tony Hunter week 2!