Real Deal With Josh Benjamin: Sportsmanship!

On this week’s show, we will discuss one of the most important topics in sports, sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is shown throughout all of sports, but the times in which people don’t exhibit it (players, coaches, officials, parents, and fans), make it a topic of discussion through the air waves of sports. There is also this “unwritten rule” thing that is in sports that will be discussed as well.

My guest is the one and only Mike Goodpaster. He is the founder and co-owner of the The Grueling Truth Sports Radio Show. He has coached football for 25 years and is also the number #1 ranked private football coach in the Midwest. We will provide times in which we have seen poor sportsmanship, the definition of sportsmanship, and those “unwritten rules”. Take time to listen to our conversations on the everlasting topic of sportsmanship on, Real Deal!