Former Los Angeles Rams TE Tony Hunter and Grueling Truther Os Davis welcome none other than Rams legend Roman Gabriel onto this week’s edition of the Rams 2.0 Show podcast.

Mr. Gabriel is in fact a second-time guest to The Grueling Truth’s podcast world – check out his prior appearance on our site here – but whoa, is this guy always ready with a story and/or opinion! With Tony and Os, Roman recounts his early days as a North Carolina boy making his way in L.A. and describes the smashmouth football common in the 1960s and 1970s that has Cam Newton complaining today. He talks about Rams ownership and management and about that one time he was John Wayne’s son. (Get to the 2:00 mark in the video below and you’ll be rewarded…)

And Os, Tony and Roman naturally get to talking about today’s football and today’s Los Angeles Rams. Roman and Tony both weigh in on the league’s seemingly waning popularity, each advancing different a different viewpoint. Naturally, Roman’s also a guy to look to for a take on the one subject dominating discussion in Rams fandom, namely the mystery of Jared Goff. His opinion on this one will porbably surprise you…

Plus: What chance do the Rams have this weekend against the Carolina Panthers and referee-baiting quarterback Cam Newton? Just how good is Tavon Austin? What kind of numbers could Roman Gabriel run up in today’s passer-friendly NFL? Plus some of the best life advice you’ve ever heard, handed down from the late great George Allen.

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(Theme music: “Rare Bird” by Tab & Anitek, remixed with sample from HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” Used with Attribution Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.)

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