No news coming from Canadian football land? No worries for the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard, nor their guest for episode 63, Steve Safichuk of the Saskatchewan Roughriders-centric Piffles Podcast.

Steve just returned from the festivities of CFL Week, a bold experiment undertaken by the league to entice fans for the upcoming season with events, forums, and public meet-and-greets with players. On their parts, the Pifflers brought back about two dozen short interviews you can catch on the Soundcloud page for the podcast – but here, you’ll just have to listen to one lifelong fan’s impressions of the pre-season bash.

And yes, we get his two Canadian cents on the Riders’ signing of Vince Young…

Thereafter, Joe and Os return to Grey Cups Past once again. Appropriately enough on a show co-starring a “Voice of the Riders”, we’re looking at the 1989 Grey Cup this time out, a crazily high-scoring affair that features The Kick, probably the greatest single TD catch in CFL history and what Os is convinced is the first instance of “freezing the kicker.” (And we’re not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.)

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