Positivity is sometimes in short supply here at The Grueling Truth. On our CFL and NFL podcasts alike, Grueling Truthers often place emphasis on busting one another’s, um, chops and/or lamenting inferior teams like the Montreal Alouettes, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, Cincinnati Bengals … you get the idea.

Well, Rouge White & Blue CFL Podcast co-host Joe Pritchard is an exception to the uwritten rule, a salmon swimming upstream of negativity. He might even be considered (gasp!) an optimist.

So it is that Joe brings his optimistic viewpoint to many a topic discussed in this week’s episode of The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast – including the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ egregious loss to the Ottawa RedBlacks, the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ lifeless showing against BC Lions and even the Alouettes’ medium-term future.

Together with co-host Os Davis, this odd couple of CFL podcasting reviews last week’s games, goes through the playoff-placement scenarios for the four teams waiting to discover what they’ll be doing in two weeks, and takes swings at predicting this week’s games.

Oh yeah, this is the 50th episode of the RWB. Very big deal.

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The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: 50 shows in the can, but already thinking about the next one…

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