Opening-day kickoff for the 2017 CFL season doesn’t happen for another month, but some folks are already thinking about Grey Cup week in Ottawa: One of these is Jeannine Ritchot of the Bleed RedBlacks podcast/fan group, who joins the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast this week.

Naturally, Jeannine’s set to talk some CFL champion RedBlacks football, but more importantly, we discuss her role as a member of the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG)’s organizing committee for the 105th Grey Cup Festival, an event nicely coinciding with celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary. As the sole fan representatives amidst a list of local politicos, corporate sponsor reps and a former player or two, Jeannine occupies an interesting role in the big week’s preparation.

As a true blue (true red-and-black?) fan of Ottawa football, Jeannie has something to answer for in the form of the WTFs generated by the team this past draft day, not to mention to sudden dissolution this off-season of the passing game that had gotten the RedBacks to back-to-back Grey Cups. She does well enough, nicely (literally) liking her team’s chances in 2017.

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