One of the questions Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcasts co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard get asked all the time (okay, not *all* the time, but often enough to be noticed) is “How did you get into tCFL football in the first place?” It’s a reasonable question, as neither is from Canada or has actually resided there for any extended period of time.

So though the RWB is taking a bye week following the Grey Cup, we’re presenting this rerun of an episode which ran at the podcast’s original home at a now moribund-unto-defunct website called CFL Pass. We got a lot of compliments on this one, particularly from our Canadian followers at that time, who appreciated a completely different viewpoint of Their Game.

Os and Joe’s experiences of the CFL neatly parallel greater trends in broadcasting and evolution in technology. From dependence on snowy TV broadcasts and obscure highlight/blooper-reel VCR tapes to getting season-long coverage on ESPN/ESPN3 and good ol’ Twitter, we’ve managed to enjoy the Canadian Football League for decades. On and off, admittedly.

We’ll be back with an original episode of the Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast soon (probably next week) and regular shows even during the CFL offseason. Until then, check out this special edition of the RWB right here at the or download/subscribe via Spreaker, Stitcher, iTunes and all those other podcast-offering sites.

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Lifelong fans of Canadian Football against all odds…

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Os Davis has been a sportswriter for [redacted] years, covering and enjoying way too much pro football (American and Canadian), basketball (NBA and international), World Cup soccer and cricket in turn. Basically, if it's a ball game and Os has a forum, he'll write about it. Os is of the opinion that advanced stastical metrics are awesome, that the addition of offensive lines to fantasy football is absolutely necessary and that the Los Angeles Lakers shall rise again. He is firmly against price-gouging of fans, Americans pooh-poohing CFL football and that @#@#$@#$ing Washington football team's name. Os currently appears on way too many podcasts, co-hosting the Rouge, White & Blue Fantasy Football Podcast, The Truth About Fantasy Football Podcast, the CFL Weekly Pick 'Em Show and the L.A. Rams 2.0 Weekly Show -- plus often the NFL Weekly Pick 'Em Show.